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The Wild Imagination of Uncertainty

Beauty in brambles? Oh most definitely. In order to salvage our decimated natural landscapes we need to urgently train our wild imaginations to embrace messiness and uncertainty. Some thoughts on rewilding.

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Folk Memory: Songs Through Time

Folk memory is the idea that immaterial things, such as songs, can be passed between generations. Resonance down the years. I experienced it myself the first time I heard Shirley Collins sing The False Bride.

Folk Memory: Songs Through Time



Romney Marsh

A late summer ride through an area defined by the battle between land and water and filled with history, legend, ghosts, piracy and churches.

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A retrospective curation of incidental photographs that both document and create a landscape of the self.

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And so more enthusiastically than ever I explored the basic things of life. I heard the wind sighing in the tree-tops, mountain-torrents roaring down the gorges and quiet streams purling across the plains, and I knew that God was speaking in these sounds and that to gain an understanding of that mysterious tongue with its primitive beauty would be to regain Paradise.

From Peter Camenzind by Hermann Hesse



OH Expedition

In 2019 Tom Abbott spent seven months walking and camping in the Outer Hebrides in search of memory. We asked him to choose and caption one image for each of the months he spent in the Western Isles.

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10.20 Playlist


While kicking my feet through the fallen leaves, I swept up some songs for an autumn playlist. Come for the hangmen, stay for the fiddle made of body parts.

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07.20 Playlist

Count the Hours

If you have a spare 54 minutes pop your nose in a jug of this: "Count the Hours" ranges far and wide through Texas, Trinidad, Delhi and Manchester from fisherman to thinkers to Boll Weevils to drinkers.

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Ongoing Playlist

One May Morning

Collected folk and vernacular music. Originally this wide-ranging, un-curated playlist soundtracked an exhibition of drawings and prints One May Morning at The Forge, May 2017. This version has been expanded since, and is continually added to.

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03.20 Playlist

The Vibes of March

The Vibes of March is the best kind of mixed bag. A playlist of 15 songs that hit all kinds of sweet spots along the way.

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01.20 Playlist

January Man

Despite the hard ground and scant signs of wildlife the cold, steely days of January are amongst my favourites of the year. Music to accompany these quietly stirring days of frost.

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12.19 Playlist

Two Thousand Nineteen

A years worth of newly-heard and old-gold aural magic from unaccompanied folksong thru cosmic Americana. Selected, compiled, and with a bird on top for good measure.

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This endless watermill of days, these rounds of seasons, so clear to me then that it felt as if the World itself — the river, the ham, the woods and skies — were gently curved and motherly, and that we were all healthily round with the recurrence of time.

From The Western Wind by Samantha Harvey

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